Art I like

Josef Albers

Montage Collage by Josef Albers

Josef Albers was a master of colour and a teacher. I was first introduced to him when his book Interaction of Color was on the syllabus for the foundation Color Theory course in college. Along with his book we were required to purchase a pack of very expensive beautiful paper and in addition to a [...]

Artists I Like: Hugo Simberg on the Adams’ Art Blog

The art of Hugo Simberg - The Wounded Angel

Here is the gallery slideshow for larger versions of the thumbs above, just mouse over the image to the left for the menu to pop-up. Here is the wikipedia link with a few details about him – Here is a video from youtube with a bunch of his works and at 3minutes it is [...]

Artists I Like: Pavol Filonov Avant Garde Painter

Pavel Filonov Painting: A Man and a Woman (Adam and Eve) (1912–1913)

Almost every painter I have ever studied has many sides to themselves with very few exceptions. The longer their life, the more diverse ….maybe? At some point in the early 90s I was exposed to Pavol Filonov (Russian 1882-1941) but only in a limited way. Previously this work was unknown to me and not sure [...]

Artists I Like: Giacomo Brunelli BW Photos | Adams Art Blog

Giacomo Brunelli's Dog Photograph from his book The Animals [Copyright Giacomo Brunelli]]

Giacomo Brunelli does not publish basic photography, he creates works – herein lies the difference between art photography and photography in general. On a personal note I am particularly fond of animals as subjects in creative works. Here is a collection where animals are shown in ways that can evoke a myriad of thoughts, feelings [...]

Artists I like: Brancusi [Romanian Artists]

Atelier Brancusi Guestbook photographed by Bogdan Badulescu

Brancusi’s atelier in Paris, I didn’t go when in Paris but a friend of mine did. Recently I viewed his pix on FB and asked to share them in my artists i like series. So here they are and following them are a few excellent links with his bio, photos and other info about this [...]

Artists I like: Max Beckmann – Adams’ Art Blog

Max Beckmann's Woman with Red Rooster Painting

Amazing that I haven’t posted any of Max Beckmann’s work before in this series since he is probably my all time favorite artist ever. Max Beckmann (German, 1884-1950): Woman with Red Rooster, 1941. Oil on canvas, 55 x 95 cm. Mr and Mrs Merzbacher, the Merzbacher Foundation and Carafe Investment Company. © DACS 2002 +10 [...]

Artists I Like: Mircea Roman, Sculptor

Image of a work by Mircea Roman a romanian sculptor

Mircea Roman is a sculptor who studied in Cluj, left Romania for some years and then came back. +10   

Artists I Like: Nathalie Alony, Home Sweet Home

A selection from Nathalie Alony's [{a/k/a Natalica] Home Sweet Home Series of Works

This is a selection from the project – Home Sweet Home – of hers that I like. 00   

Artists I Like: Gustave Moreau

Revista Mari Pictori Nr. 14 Gustave Moreau si Sombolistii

Cover of the magazine Mari Pictori published in Romania features the painting LEDA by Gustave Moreau. The work by Gustave Moreau is 220x205cm and is in the museum in Paris which is not only named after him but was his house and he converted it to a museum during the period of 1895-1896 a few [...]

Artists I like: Diego Rivera, Murals [MOMA]

Diego Rivera Mural Warrior

Mostly I don’t write when posting in the section Artists I Like because the images speak for themselves. BUT I had to today since there are incredible murals on exhibit at MOMA until the 14th of  May 2012. While we all dont have the opportunity to view these murals in the flesh in person we [...]

Artists I Like: Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon's Man with Dog

I like the big names, what can I say? I like the unknowns as well but the first part of this series really does focus primarily on the big guns. Plus when I was visiting friends in the United States in the summer of 2009, I had the opportunity to see Bacon’s exhibit at the [...]

Artists I like – Art I like: Photo by Jonathan Zap of Decal Graffiti found in Boulder

Photo of decal graffiti by Jonathan Zap

In the series artists i like, perhaps it should be called art i like – whatever you call it, it is a series of images that include images of art photographed by photographers as well. This photo with the title of Anxiety is © Jonathan Zap. 00